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    Barrier Healthcare LTD

    Country: Great Britain

    Britannia Mill Upton Road, Kexby, GB-DN21 5NF, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

    Phone: +44 1427 787828
    Website: www.barrierhealthcare.co.uk

    Fysiopartner AS

    Country: Norway

    Ryensvingen 15, NO-0680, Oslo, Norway

    Phone: +47 23 05 11 60
    Website: www.fysiopartner.no/produkter/24871979/kinesiotape-balancetape

    La Casa del Fisio

    Country: Spain

    C/ Iglesia 4-6, ES-16770, San Lorezo Dela Parrilla, Spain

    Phone: +34 969 292 322
    Website: www.lacasadelfisio.com

    Lojer Oy

    Country: Finland

    Putajantie 42/PL 54, SF- 38201, Sastamala, Finland

    Phone: +358 10 830 6700
    Website: shop.lojer.com/fi

    Medema Physio AB

    Country: Sweden

    Torshamnsgatan 39, SE-164 40, Kista, Sweden

    Phone: +46 8 404 1200
    Website: www.medema.se/produkter/24752987/balancetape-kinesiologitejper

    Stopain-Pittas Nikolaos & Co

    Country: Greece

    9 Tassopoulou str, 15342, Athens, Greece

    Phone: +30 210 760 90 10
    Website: www.stopain.gr

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    About BalanceTape

    BalanceTape is a leading brand in the Nordics and has a well-established distributor network with customers all over Europe. In 2018, BalanceTape was acquired by Lojer Oy.

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    Lojer Group

    Lojer Group is the largest manufacturer of medical furniture in Scandinavia and Finland's biggest employer in the field. The company is 100 years old and is still privately owned. The company holds AAA credit rating.

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