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    Instructions before use

    Which tape technique to choose? 
    (*100% stretch = maximum stretched tape)

    Muscle technique
    Open the tape about 4 cm from one end.
    Attach without stretch, apply the tape, usually with 25%* stretch
    and attach the other end without stretch.




    Ligament technique 

    Open the tape in the middle.
    Apply with 75%* stretch per pull where the ends are last attached to the skin, without stretch.






    Always round edges for best adhesion

    • Avoid touching the adhesive.
    • Tape on clean and dry skin. Avoid lotion.
    • If necessary, trim off hair.


    Cutting techniques:

    1. Parted strip
    2. Y-shaped strip
    3. Single strip
    4. Cross / Star



    • Remove the tape if skin irritations occur.
    • Never tape on eczema and ulcers.
    • Apply anchors (3-5 cm) without stretch.
    • Do not overstretch the tape.
    • Rub your hand over the tape after application to activate the adhesive.
    • Remove tape gently and slowly, use warm water and baby oil if necessary.
    • Do not rip off!

    BalanceTape features a specific form of elasticity that facilitates maximum locomotor capability. However, the tape´s positioning is decisive for successful treatment. If you are experiencing uncertainty about taping or not getting the desired effect, we recommend that you contact a physiotherapist for help with the first taping!