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    How to apply BalanceTape

    BalanceTape features a specific form of elasticity that facilitates maximum locomotor capability.

    However, the tape´s positioning is decisive for successful treatment. If you are experiencing uncertainty about taping or not getting the desired effect, we recommend that you contact a physiotherapist for help with the first taping.


    achilles tendon pain; BalanceTape, Kinesiology Tape

    Achilles Tendon

    BalanceTape Calf pain

    Calf – Gastrocnemius

    BalanceTape, Painrelief, Calf Soleus

    Calf – Soleus

    BalanceTape Lumbarspine Pain

    Lumbar Spine


    Tennis Elbow

    BalanceTape, KinesiologyTape

    Neck – Shoulder

    BalanceTape, Thoracis spine pain

    Thoracic Spine

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